Tknobike sound system

Tknobike is a fully mobile and self sufficient, environmentally friendly sound system, loud enough to make an outdoor party for hundreds of people. We have started this project in 2016 as an initiative to support Berlin's Open Air culture. We have had many amazing moments and more than 60 events.

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The last v2.0 build is done by Pat Krupa, Sylvester Sosnowski, Hallvard Kristiansen
CNC facilities provided by MotionLab Berlin
Speakers by Monacor
Batteries by Greenpack


  • Powered by mobile Greenpack energy cells, allowing to take advantage of battery exchange stations around the city
  • 12V, 48V and 220V power available
  • Super efficient tri-amping for all speakers
  • independent adjustable DSP for each channel
  • nominal 6 x 500W
  • White and colour LED lighting
  • 19” 15U rack for electronic instruments
  • Custom-made, 19” signal processor and power amplifier enclosure
  • Two vented subwoofers 2 x 500w 15’’
  • Waterproofed plywood 

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